Seeing ourselves in animals

In the same way that humans may abandon, give up their children for adoption for otherwise just refuse to acknowledge them, so do these animals.

We (humans) can see our own behavior in animals. Biology and psychology transcend the line between man and beast.

Listen to/Watch my video about forcing (goat) mothers to nurse their young:

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Leaving the Nomad Camp

It’s my last few hours in the nomad camp, Altanbulag District, Tov province, Mongolia.

I woke up about 615 am today, 20 minutes earlier than usual. The driver (Amma) is supposed to be here at 1200pm, so there’s still time to do some work. Durukh has been using a motorcycle to do some of his herding, and bringing in some untamed horses. If your curious to see what “hobbling” is you can have a look here as well as read about it in my previous post. Durukh is undoing the horse hobble:

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