About Me

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I’m from the San Francisco Bay Area, CA, USA.

I’m interested in many things actually, but especially curious about the rest of the world and it’s people. I decided to take some time out of life to explore the people and lifestyles of certain parts of Asia.

I’ve had a variety of different jobs, but spent most of my professional career in Hi-Tech. Outside of work, I’ve spent much time in sports as a participant, coach and organizer. It was actually the vehicle of sport that allowed me to make friends from many different countries and inspired me to learn about the world’s people and cultures. Across the world, we may not speak the same language, eat the same food, or have the same culture in general, but we play the same sports.

My primary goal in travel has always been to learn about the people and places I visit. I don’t think I could accomplish this in a commercial tour group. I’ve been fortunate to be able to make friends with people around the world and have managed to “hang out” with locals on most of my trips and I can’t see myself traveling any other way.

Thanks for reading and I sincerely hope you enjoy and learn something from this site!

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