The Merit of Natural Ingredients- Mongolian Diet

I lost ~ 6 lbs (2.7 kg) in 2 weeks while in Mongolia. Much of this had to do with the physical activity (work) every day, but also because of the good diet.

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With the exception of store bought bread, flour and condiments, I can’t remember anything we ate that wasn’t made from “scratch.” Even the flour was rolled out into dough to make noodles.

The diet is largely meat based, with a noticeable lack of green leafy vegetables. As I mentioned in my post “The Nomad Economy“,  this makes perfect sense, since much of the topsoil (arable/fertile land) in Mongolia is frozen for the majority of the year. It would be difficult to make a living raising crops. We had potatoes and carrots on occasion, which I imagine were also purchased in Altanbulag (the nearest town).

At some point along this experience, I remembered the story of Hiro Onoda, the Japanese solder trapped on an island in the Western Philippines who didn’t know the World War II had ended. When he was discovered and repatriated to Japan, doctors found him to be in better health than the current day Japanese. Doctors attributed this to his natural diet of fruit and fish over more that 2 decades!

Well, as I said, I was also working a bit, and many times I was too tired to just stuff myself with the delicious food, but I’m sure the diet itself played its part.

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-The Rover

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