Day 11- Last Full Workday

Today’s the last full day of work in the camp. I’ll have a partial day of work before the driver arrives from Ulan Bator tomorrow afternoon. I’m hoping to get into Ulan Bator a bit early so I can do my laundry, clean myself up, and maybe look around a bit, if time permits.

It’s colder today than yesterday. It’s funny how the weather temperature fluctuates at this time of year. When I first arrived in the camp I could wear just my grey sweatshirt outside as it was about 10C/50F. I’m guessing its about 1C/34F today. I never mentioned it before, but my daily wear has been:

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Back Online!

Hey friends! Thanks for following and reading! I’m officially back online and just finished an incredible 2 weeks at the nomad camp about 3 hours outside of Ulan Bator. I’m back where I can get a decent signal now and will be “catching up” the posts.

I’m feeling refreshed but sleepy now. Stay tuned!

Where, what and why in Mongolia

At the San Francisco International Airport now. I’m glad to make it through security with no secondary check or unpacking! My backpack is completely stuffed and I’m hoping they don’t make me check it in at boarding even though it is of official carry-on size.

I made this quick video about what I’m doing at the airport. I shot with my cell phone because It would be a great effort to get the tripod and camera out of the bag and then repack! Hopefully the lighting and audio are ok!

It’s ironic that I mentioned withdrawl from electronic devices, yet I’m using this blog to communicate with you all!

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Enjoy, Take Care, and Hopefully can I can post again soon!

Departure Day

Well all packed up and ready to go! Just a few hours away and I’m on my way to Beijing and finally Ulan Bator, Mongolia. It took a few times, but I was  able to fit everything into the 40L (40 Liter) backpack.  The biggest and heaviest thing was definitely the camera tripod. I’ve also got a lot of camera accessories that I most likely will not use, but want to have just in case (traveler’s dilemma).

Again I’m sure I’ve over-packed. I’ll offload a few items in Mongolia to make the pack lighter and easier to close. I’m sure they’re gonna have me open everything up and repack at the security check tomorrow…Oh well.

I had been feeling sick after I got my immunizations a week ago. I decided to see the doctor in a last minute effort and she said the immune system gets stressed after immunizations, so people usually catch a cold, etc. I was lucky she gave e some antibiotics and I’m feeling much better after just the first dose! Maybe it’s psychosomatic…….

I’ll arrive in Ulan Bator at almost midnight on the 6th, stay at her family’s apartment, that night, then head out to the nomad camp by land rover the next day.

Will try to make another update before then!


Thanks for reading! Enjoy!

PS For my last dinner in the US (<–It sounds like I’m on death row) I had a strange urge to eat a Big Mac. It was like my mind was trying to sabotage my body at the last minute. Well I can not remember the last time before tonight that I had a Big Mac…It was easily 2-3 years ago, and I remember why I rarely eat at McDonald’s now.