Genghis Khan, The Mongol Empire and Meritocracy


I think that Genghis Khan ( 12th-13th century), who was of course Mongolian, was a very interestingly represented leader in western society. When we hear his name we think of a merciless tyrant, ruthless murdering and pillaging, a bunch of guys riding around on horses slaughtering everything in their path and whatnot. While this representation may have it’s accuracy, it is incomplete and does not include some positive elements of his campaigns and reign.

Movie: “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure”

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The name “The Rover”

When I was a kid, my dad had this book he kept around called “The Rover” by Joseph Conrad.  Conrad also authored the book “Heart of Darkness” which isn’t really too well known unless you’re a literature buff. However, the book became the basis for the very popular Vietnam War Movie “Apocalypse Now” (just throwing in a little trivia).

Being a curious kid, I opened the book up thinking it was about a dog. I read the first two pages and was immediately bored. I’ve never read the book to this day.

Later I figured out “Rover” was not just a dog’s name-it actually meant something:

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Why Mongolia?


I’ve been interested in geography and the world since I got my first map at 9 years old. When I was bored I’d try to match the country’s flags to the country on the map. As a young adult I became interested in “The Silk Road and the role of trade in the development of civilizations and culture. Sounds pretty nerdy right?

The whole trade caravan picture and nomadic lifestyle was always kind of appealing-kind of like a little kid wanting to be a cowboy.

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Welcome and Thanks for Reading!



Hello friends and readers! Welcome to my blog!

I’ve created this site to document and share my experiences on my upcoming trip through a few countries in Asia (as well as any future forays).

My goal for this site is to share experiences, adventures, and whatever mishaps along the way that one may not typically get sitting in a tour bus or staying in a hotel on a commercial tour.

I’m getting a late start with wordpress (in more ways than one) so hopefully the blog/site will improve in aesthetics and content as we proceed.

The trip is only 2 months long. I’ll be trading work for accommodation in most places which I’m sure will help me experience the local lifestyle.I’m a little more than a week away from departure and my first stop will be Ulan Bator, Mongolia. I’ll elaborate on the “why and what” in a future post.

I’m in my last week of preparation and am packing minimally. My backpack arrives tomorrow. I guess I’ll be loading it up then.


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